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You've Got the Job, Now What?


The application has been completed, the interview date has been set, now questions begin to flood your mind: What do I wear? What do I say? What if I get nervous or answer the questions wrong? If I get the job, how do I make sure I'm equipped to show up and perform everyday?  


You've Got the Job, Now What? Answers these questions and more for those seeking employment for the first time, or returning back to work after a period of time.   Order your copy today! 

What On Earth Do I Wear?

Answering the Attire Dilemma

Deciding what to wear in order to feel confident, yet professional, is not always an easy tasks.   

"Tell Me About Yourself" 

Answering Difficult Interview Questions

Don't we all hate those dreaded open-ended questions?  They are so broad and they make you sink into the chair, trying to swallow that big lump in your throat. 

Are You Resume Ready? 

Here's 5 Resume check-up items you need to consider before you hit submit. 

Interview Tips for Introverts

We get it, entering a room with a bundle of energy, to engage in a conversation with a stranger, is not your thing. Even introverts can slay their interviews. 

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